About Us


To meet and exceed the customer’s expectations by providing world class education and training services, while cultivating and maintaining honest relationships and intergrity with our stakeholders.


  • To build and maintain long lasting Education and Training relationships with our customers.
  • To understand our students educational and training needs in order to provide appropriate & innovative solutions.
  • To facilitate interactions that uphold our believe system that, “’each one of us are born to do great things’”
  • To drive conversions that stimulate thought and promote agriculture as a career & entrepreneurial focus.

Thebelopele is a sustainable and suitable education and training institute, the business has implications on the macro and more micro economy of the country as it not only provides the necessary skills needed in the agricultural sector but also encourages the absorption of those skills in the economic landscape of the country. The institute is best suited to provide practical skills application training to create both employees and especially entrepreneurs to create agricultural enterprises that would provide jobs.


Tjhebelopele is a specialist institute that provides agricultural education and training services to individuals and organisations within South Africa with a focus on the provision of these skills primarily targeted towards vulnerable groups of the society, namely, people living with disabilities, women, and the youth.


The company is led by educated men and women with knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry. The head office of the institution is based in Bloemfontein the capital city of the Free State Province.

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